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Baccalaureate:        (Theme: On the Road to Find Out)


Commencement:     (Theme: On the Road to Find Out)


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Cat Stevens On The Road To Find Out Lyrics


Grad Nite:

Music & Drama:


Alma Mater
Music by Dick Buck '46
Words by Nancy Scarfe '46
All hail South Pasadena
Our Alma Mater strong,
We've come to pay you homage
Emotion voiced in song.
We love you for your stateliness
your grace portraying truth.
The spirit so intangible
Of love, and of life. and youth.
Long years will never mar you.
But only add to your charm;
Our hearts will shield your memory
And guard your name from harm.
So hail South Pasadena,
Fortress of inspiration; defender of ideals.
Where lasting friendships seeds are sown,
Bound fast with Tiger seals.
The following Classmates have been named to the SPHS Athletic Hall of Fame:
- Mark Anderson (football)
- Jan Burton (volleyball)
- Gail Fischer (volleyball)
- Steve Simmons (football)
- Barbara Stone (basketball)